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Our community is made up of so many amazing people.  Path to Source is all about inspiring each other with our creativity and your stories.  So, if you are a member and are passionate about wellbeing and transformation and you have something that you would like to share here, please drop us a line.

We shall be trialling various processes for submitting material, so please consider this our pilot phase until we settle on the best solution for us.

Submission guidelines for vlogs and blogs can be found iin the toggles below.

Submission Guidelines

Path to source is about creating a balanced, kind, and creative community.  Together, we are more. We respect other’s boundaries, and articles are written to help and inspire others. 

We’re not about commercialism and we do not believe in using spirituality to gain power over others. Each of us are teachers, and it is our job to help and inspire others to be the best possible way. This is an Aquarian-spirited site, so it isn’t about the need to control, grow big, or stamp on others along the way.

Be kind, be necessary, be happy, be love.

Our Vlogs and Blogs page isn’t for long-form journalism, so please keep posts to a maximum of 700 to 900 words in length.

Don’t waste a word.  Write, rewrite, and make sure that every single sentence serves a purpose. Write in interesting sentences with short paragraphs and plenty of spirit!

The best posts are those in which the writer has allowed themselves to be vulnerable.  They show, rather than tell, and then transport the reader into their journey – ending with a positive outcome, even if the matter wasn’t totally resolved.

Choose to write about something that is about personal growth.  

Include a bio of 250 words max, a small photo and one link to your website.

Posts aren’t intended to be an advert for your website or business.  Please include no links other than to your website in your bio section.

All work must be original and not published elsewhere.

How I Deal With Anxiety

  I have some great tips I would like to share.  My antidotes to times when I get anxious. If I dwell on things, I can also get anxious. I'm a creative person, and I feel for me there is a link between my anxiety and times when I feel less able to create. This...

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To “obey”, or “not obey”

To “obey”, or “not obey”

Obey is a concept shared in Kundalini yoga but it is often misunderstood or heavily resisted. In our world of free will, obey is seemingly an outdated concept.... or is it?   Obey is fundamentally important to living a joyful life. The problem is not the word...

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