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I get frustrated when things don’t go as I wish, or I have to wait longer than I would like for hopes to manifest.  Sometimes my dreams never happen other times they do but not how I expected.

Disappointment can leave a impression of what is there to be grateful for?  Especially when living through a time of high stress with little joy.

From experience, the best way to lift out of feeling despair is to boost one’s mood by saying thanks.  Only today I decided to choose peace over feeling sorry for myself.

Like attracts like; so with gentleness and compassion, try easing out of the fog of lack and into the light of hope.

Life can be a tough love learning zone, yet even when things make little sense, deep down there is the possibility of a hidden gift at the core of the situation.  A blessing within the mud if only we would pause long enough to notice such things.

I can focus too much on what I expect to happen now; rather than keeping an open mind.  If I don’t remain present, I become stubborn and fixed on the outcome happening in the way I want it to rather than being present in life as it actually is.  The secret is to have a flexible attitude and to allow rather than force.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. John F. Kennedy

Here are ten easy ways to embody gratitude daily even when life is rough:

1. Each day of life is a gift. Remember this and don’t waste time.  As you awake, say thank you to the new day.  Do this daily by taking five minutes each morning sit and listen to your breathing. Follow this by saying thanks for as many things as possible.

Examples: thank you for my bed, the sunrise, my friends, my family, my food, etc.

2. So a situation arises that isn’t to your liking. Perhaps you were told off by your boss, or you broke up with someone.  It is natural to feel hurt.  Do not force yourself to feel better, but instead take your focus onto the small thinks you are grateful for. With time this should help switch one’s mindset.

When you have had time to recover, reflect on what was the lesson in the situation? Also, what have you since learnt from it all that you can be grateful for? How can you use this improve your life from what you have learnt?

3. Stop comparing yourself to other people.  The grass may always seem greener.  Even if you see lots of fancy pictures on social media sites of friends with perceived perfect lives, know this, every one of us is on a journey, and we all have highs and lows.  Let go of wanting to be like someone else and focus on being yourself.  The best gift you can give to the world is to be the authentic you and to replace jealousy with self-love, and frustration with hope.

4. Thank the past for the lessons it has taught you but move on.  I know easier said than done.  I have had my fair share of awful lessons.  My solution is to try and be more present instead of dwelling on past regrets, guilts, pains and shames. Learn from your mistakes and forgive others for theirs. Set healthy boundaries along the way.

To achieve this try breathing deeply and slowly and taking in what is happening now.

5. If all else fails be like a tree.  Things that antagonise the leaves of our emotions can cause upset.   When this happens pause, and tap into your inner roots by taking deep breaths. Ground by staying in the present moment.

By the Gentle Sky Warrior

The gentle sky warrior is our feature writer.  She loves to listen to the sound of the leaves blowing in the wind.   What sounds of nature do you like?

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