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They say when in you are  in the mountains to respect the mountain, on the face of it the mountain is not so beastly. It is static measureable does not move – reliable and solid.  Yet it has a gravitas a mass that impact all things around, air must climb above it water must run through it, ether is at its peak and fire can only erupt through it. Its sheer mass affects the weather all around it.  Yet when we see the mountain it may appear quite straightforward – just a mountain, we don’t know just how unpredictable it can be. 


We can be like Mountains.


We can be moving along nicely when bang some event triggers some deep held emotional subconscious pattern, we react, everything is moving the beast is out of control and you are struggling to reassert your true self.  Even the most conscious of us, practised mediation teachers yogis have to deal with this, the training helps but sometimes the depth of the pain feels so immense. 


It can take you into the depths a descending spiral of the negative mind working in its most heinous combination of the positive expansive mind, making bigger and bigger our self- negating thought.  This spiral can feel out of control and rather like the hero airline pilots who avert a seeming unstoppable disaster, you have to try every trick in the book to beat the free wheeling.


Movement, chanting walking meditation, changing the reference is key to distract the mind from its spiral so then you have a chance to use skills of the breath , and mantra to allow the trues self to at least gain parity with the beast that is loose inside. 


The extinct now is to slay this beast which can come in form of the uncontrollable child to the savage wolf, but this should really be approached as more of a  stern talking too or making peace, especially in this uncontrollable phase.  For this is valuable information to identifying and sensing what is it that needs to be nurtured, fed, freed acknowledged or resolved for this aspect of you to feel at peace.  Such episodes serve to give us much and when thye happen journaling with the neutral mind on is a wonderful way to gain an insight for the episode that occurred. Once this insight has occurred, keep the inspiration of this reaction alive to bring into your life what it is you need to resolve tit.

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