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Obey is a concept shared in Kundalini yoga but it is often misunderstood or heavily resisted. In our world of free will, obey is seemingly an outdated concept…. or is it?


Obey is fundamentally important to living a joyful life. The problem is not the word itself but to whom one must obey and What one must obey? That’s where the challenge lies.


Obey is important as it offers us no escape in a time where escape is all we do. We escape our true calling in so many ways. OBEY is there as a Fundamental principal so that you may obey your SOUL, that is it’s purpose. 


Now the steps to obeying our soul in the not too distant past meant to obey a spiritual teacher until such time you were skilled enough to discern your true voice with that of the ego; plus to develop enough robustness of spirit to stay aligned. This is still valuable. Yet as the Aquarian age becomes the norm; the teaching of obey is presented by the teacher called ‘life’. When we don’t follow the call of our soul, the pain is almost immediate, the energy of this age is providing a direct and profound teaching! 


What then is needed? A bit more know how; some sharpening up of what we know inside; a significant kick up the back side 😉 we know what we need deep in us, it is coming to the surface not to hurt you but to show you a way home! 

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