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Are we caught in a loop of mindless expansion?  Do we jump in and go with it or do we put up stubborn resistance and cling to what we know?  

Both are illusions.  A mis-sold future; a past gone bye.  

If we tune into our true needs; I would suspect that we crave simplicity more than anything else. We desire an end to the exponential ‘turnover’ of choices.  

Simplicity as I am discovering is Love.  

I don’t live on a Mountain by the Sea or in a Cave!  London is my hometown.  I am a Nomad of sorts, teaching Yoga and Channel Healing.  I have a high velocity life; I am challenged daily.  Yet what I see as the constant within all this is me.  The one thing I have some control over.  

Simplicity to me involves listening deeply to oneself.  By this I mean a few things:

  • Appreciate yourself 
  • Forgive yourself
  • Challenge yourself
  • Nurture yourself
  • Dissolve yourself

The last one gives me the most joy.  It is accessing your innocence. It is releasing the need for control.  It is a simply to trust.

You are dissolving into the flow of creativity, rather than creating for the sake of it.  We are channels of inspiration seeded by source.  Learning to receive the flow is where the Investment must take place.  This is the greatest use of our time.

Expansion without purpose is empty.  It is just a performance.  Expanding when you don’t know you are is a sign of spirit infiltrating your life.  

So to simplify we must first listen; the body is good place to start.  See my Tips below:

  • Letting go of Sugar will allow you to sense your own Sweetness. We complicate our life by seeking our longing externally in sugar, a drug of our modern times.  Instead learn to sense your own sweetness – the ultimate pudding!
  • Yoga that tests you limits; will bring calibre, dedication and compassion.  Kundalini teaches on the edge of your limit.  Practicing is like  reaching a mountain ridge and taking a glimpse of the abyss. Each time you see the Abyss, your fear diminishes.  This is one of the many ways that Kundalini yoga serves  you in your life.
  • Surrendering to Healing Energies offered by Source brings humility.  One of our greatest obstacles is that we subconsciously believe we understand why things are the way they are.  Most of the time this understanding is not deep enough and it fails to serve us as wisdom.  Energy Based Healing – Reike, Ascended Master & Angelic Healing reaches through the mind to the soul.  Our understanding then becomes profound and lasting.
  • Make time for being  Just make space for doing nothing, just to witness your life without any agenda or objective apart from being right here, right now.

These tips will help you develop the capacity to listen to your needs, which often are far simpler than we think.

By Sivaroshan Sahathevan


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