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Footsteps of Discovery

Footsteps of Discovery

Footsteps of Discovery

Our Vision

Path to Source is a co-creative, Aquarian collective that serves the needs of our age. We provide avenues for mastery through courses of depth, and a nourishing community.

First and foremost, we are bridge builders – between the separation we feel in ourselves, and that which we see in our external world. Path to source is no one place, thing, or person; it is where we all stand. City and Country, Man and Woman, East and West: so many polarities, all ultimately craving one thing…


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We offer Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hours*) & Energy Healing Practitioner Courses.  These are solid (foundations) from which to master ourselves while also creating a platform to begin to offer your talents in these fields.  We also offer courses to go deeper (Immersion) or to discover the new (Exploration).

We are ‘awakeners’ in a space that is supportive, highly creative and honouring of our soul need to express its purpose.

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Our Pillars

Care – Active Compassion

Commit – ‘Walk your Walk’

Community – ‘Soul to Soul’

Catalyse – Magnetise & Uplift

“Words cannot describe the journey, emotions cannot fulfil the feelings and a million thank you’s will not suffice.

My gratitude will forever be in my heart.”


– Claire, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training –

Community / Sparks of Light

We all have a unique soul signature which can either shine or become dimmed. 

Communities have a big impact on which way that goes.  Path To Source is about creating a space where you feel at home, whilst being challenged in the best sense of the word.  A place where we gather to share the truest part of ourselves a place where old patterns of  limitation will find it difficult to flourish!

Path to Source’s heartbeat is the people who offer their creativity, service, and light.  Our Membership is built around this.  It’s a space for members to be seen, and to share their skills through our listings or event calendar.  Its also a place to come home to, with numerous community-based offerings to connect with.

“It was one of the most insightful experiences of my life, it helped me reconnect with my creative source by building a bridge with the presence of the spiritual in everything we live and do. It made me discover that each one of us has a clear roadmap that leads us exactly where we need to be.”


– Ludo, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training –

Upcoming Events and Courses

See below for our upcoming trainings, workshops and community events.

“Thank you so much Ashley, Sivaroshan, Jane and Ross for the wonderful journey we have taken together the last 6 months. Your training has taken me back to my authentic self, I feel so much more at ease with my life.

My soul is calling for a more simple life and I couldn’t see this before. I have begun teaching Kundalini Yoga and the course enabled this to happen, but has also given me so much more.

I am so thankful and excited for the next training with you.”


– Usha, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training –

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